News Release – Measured Insurance Joins Forces With Relay Platform to Provide Brokers With Additional Cyber Capacity

News Release – Measured Insurance Joins Forces With Relay Platform to Provide Brokers With Additional Cyber Capacity

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Measured Insurance Joins Forces With Relay Platform to Provide Brokers With Additional Cyber Capacity

Relay welcomes Measured Insurance to the fast-growing list of MGA’s quoting on the innovative platform.

New York, NY - August 10, 2022 - Relay Platform (Relay), is pleased to welcome Measured Analytics and Insurance to their robust suite of carriers, MGA-MGUs and reinsurers offering API connectivity through the platform. The integration with Relay Platform offers brokers instant quotes, augmented communication and seamless access to Measured’s industry leading cyber insurance policy.

Relay, an innovative provider of solutions enabling the digital transformation of commercial insurance submissions, is designed to facilitate the transition to data-first insurance placements, both email and API quoting, and superior broker-insurer connectivity to markets. The Relay Cyber platform allows insurance brokers to visually structure placements, rapidly identify and approach the most relevant markets, and automate client proposals to increase close and renewal rates.

Through Relay, Measured will offer comprehensive cyber coverage and further bridge the gap between technology and insurance by using AI-powered analytics. In being able to track individual exposure in real time, Measured creates smarter insurance products that monitor, alert and suggest improvements to lower the chances of breach for their insureds. 

"Measured has proven to be a stable and reliable market in the cyber insurance industry, and now brokers will be able to leverage our homegrown APIs to place our comprehensive cyber insurance coverage more efficiently than ever before,” says Zach Atya, Measured’s Senior Vice President of Underwriting. “Furthermore, we are excited to enhance the Relay broker experience by directly assisting prospective and current insureds in procuring cyber insurance by leveraging our robust suite of cybersecurity tools”.

Connecting broker and carrier systems directly through APIs is transformational in delivering instant quotes to brokers. Relay unifies carriers & MGA-MGU applications and sources capacity through both real-time and manual quotes to produce a comprehensive Smart Client Proposal™ that saves hours a day and boosts success rates for agents & brokers in any Commercial Line. 

“We are extremely excited to add Measured Analytics and Insurance to the Relay Cyber Platform. The Measured solution continues to champion the fact that cyber insurance is no longer just a contract for risk transfer, it is now an all-encompassing cyber risk management solution. Our broker clients can’t wait to get their hands on the cutting-edge network security tools and resources Measured is bringing to the market. Additionally, the veteran team at Measured is fantastic and brings decades of thought leadership into this new world of insurtech” comments Anne Hasenstab, Chief Insurance Officer, Relay Platform.

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About Relay Platform

Relay is built for both modern and traditional brokers and agents. It equips them with a friendly interface to easily add cyber and specialty lines to their client proposals. They fill a unified application form, use the application to collect quotes instantly or through an enhanced email process, and create proposals automatically. Relay can enable all small commercial platforms with Cyber Insurance, but also supports many other lines such as Management Liability, Terrorism, High Net Worth Clients, and others. It even supports Facultative Reinsurance. Relay is active in the US and Canada, with many leading brokerages using it to place more business, faster and better. 

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About Measured Analytics and Insurance

Measured Analytics and Insurance offers an analytics-based approach to cyber insurance, specifically quantifying specific exposure to ransomware attacks. Measured is bridging the gap between technology and insurance by using AI-powered analytics that tracks individual exposure in real-time to create smarter insurance products.  

Every policy is tailored to fit the individual client–clearly identifying pre-event exposure in seven fundamental areas and customizing post-event loss mitigation services with real experts, real people, and real help if ever needed.  

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